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The Plan. Our Concierge Service.

Our concierge service combines the wardrobe re-style service with a concierge services that sources an entire rail of clothes based on your size, lifestyle and budget and delivers them to your door.


The service begins with you trying on the new clothes that have been specifically hand picked for you based on our previous discussions. You're under no obligation to purchase any of the items from the rail but we can guarantee you'll want to!  All items are sold to you at the price we paid, so if we purchase anything in the sale then that saving is passed on to yourself.


Once we’ve established your ‘style’ we'll review your current wardrobe by weeding out the unsuitable items and incorporating the new items in. The result? A perfect capsule wardrobe where every item mixes and matches for all your lifestyle needs. We'll even photograph every styled outfit making getting dressed each morning a stress free experience.


Following the session I will create a pinterest board of any missing items and styling suggestions. This will allow you to simply click on the item and purchase if required. Or, for those of you who would like to go shopping - the journey has just begun!

“I’m not going to lie, I was both excited and very nervous to see all of the clothes you’d brought for me. What If I didn’t like any? How were you going to shop for me when you didn’t know me? I nearly cried when I saw some of the patterned items on the rail, as I’ve never brought anything that wasn’t black, white and maybe a little green when I was feeling so depressed in my black outfits! You instantly put me at ease and to be honest, I still don’t know how you did it but oh my goodness you are a styling genius! I never dreamt that I would be wearing a jumpsuit (they’re for really stylish people, not me!) and look at me now! My boss actually did a double take at work yesterday – I don’t think he’s ever looked once, let alone twice! Best of all I feel like a new me. I’m excited to go out with the girls at the weekend and my only problem now is not that I don’t have anything to wear but which of my gorgeous outfits I should choose! I can’t thank you enough”. 

Helen Whitehouse


Perfect for making the most of what you already have.

Create a wardrobe that perfectly mixes and matches.

Photographic journal of all styled outfits.

Eliminate the stress out of getting dressed each morning.

The process begins with a style questionnaire and the answers provided allow me to understand your styling needs, lifestyle and budget.

Making the most of what you've already got is always the best starting point so armed with a small collection of sample clothes I'll help you to understand why certain styles look good on your body shape and why other styles should be avoided at all costs (honesty is the only way here!). Rest assured that this process does NOT involve you stripping down to your underwear and studying yourself in a 360 degree mirror!

Once we've established your 'style' we'll review your wardrobe, weed out the unsuitable items and find the hidden gems that you've always dismissed or not known how to wear. Every perfectly styled outfit (including accessories, jewellery, handbag etc.) will get photographed and most clients print the images and place them on the back of their wardrobe door. The result? A catalogue of (for example) 40 outfits covering all occasions  - getting dressed for any occasion has just become stress free!

Following the session I'll create a pinterest board of any missing items and styling suggestions. This will allow you to simply click on the item and purchase if required. Or, for those of you who would like to go shopping - the journey has just begun!


You don't like shopping, we do. So let us do the hard work for you.

Achieve maximum style with the minimum of effort, you'll never shop in the same way again

The Personal Shopping experience will begin with an in-depth pre-discussion regarding what you’re trying to achieve (a complete season update, a classic investment piece etc). Maybe you simply want to shop with an expert who can teach you how to dress for your body shape and lifestyle needs. Which ever the case is, this insight will allow me to research which styles and shops are best for you and to ensure that our time spent together is focused, productive and lots of fun!


Shopping is a skill that we’re definitely not born with so initially I watch the way you shop and see where you are naturally drawn. Then I will show you how to navigate a store more efficiently. This will save you hours searching stores for things that aren’t there to be found. (If you hate shopping, you will LOVE me after this!)

We’ll also visit shops and brands you may not have considered before. Then we play dress ups! One of the main aims of the shopping experience is to teach you how to develop a capsule wardrobe (a wardrobe where everything mixes and matches).


All along the way I'll be providing you with style tips on what shapes, styles and colours best suit you – advice that will last you a lifetime and avoid you making costly style disasters again!


Following the shopping trip (usually the day after) I can help style your new outfits by mixing your new and existing wardrobe together. Each complete outfit will be photographed and so you can print the images and place them on the back of your wardrobe door. Each morning you get to choose a professional styled outfit - banishing those wardrobe nightmares forever!



The concierge service costs £350. 

All other services cost £50 per hour plus petrol charged at 45p per mile from SN9 6JQ


Concierge Service: Regardless of whether the concierge pre-shopping service takes me 2 days or 2 weeks the cost remains the same at £350. The wardrobe re-style that follows this will typically take 3-4 hours.


Wardrobe re-style: typically takes 3-5 hours depending on the size of your wardrobe


The shopping experience: typically take 3-4 hours but again it depends on your requirements


It takes me a minimum of 2 days to shop for an entire rail of clothes for a client (40-50 pieces). The price includes the petrol for two round trips to the shopping centre (an hour away), 2 full days of car parking and 2 days of my time (my daily rate is £500). So you can probably see that I operate at a loss to bring you this service but I do so as it’s the only way to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe where everything truly mixes and matches for all of my clients lifestyle needs. AND, it puts a huge smile on my clients faces!



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