5 Things you'll love about the MM Styling Academy Course


The 5 things you'll love when you attend our Personal Styling Training Courses

If you use your keywords as titles for some blogs I think you would stand a better chance of getting them to rank as you’re not confined to your specific webpages.  As an example, you could write one titled “Personal Stylist Training Courses The 5 Things You Will Love” this becomes the URL https://www.mmstylingacademy.co.uk/single-post/2017/02/21/personal-stylist-training-courses-the-5-things-you-will-love

Then start the post "The 5 things you will love when you attend our Personal Stylist Training Training Courses" (In H1 paragraph format) and then list and talk about those 5 things (try to get the keyword phrase about 4 to 5 times in a 500 word blog).  Include some images (images files named Personal Stylist Training Courses)  form your last one and a little video file with the same title, link it to your social media pages and that would make it very hard for Google to miss.